What is Zero Water Building?

Water carries immense significance. It is not only meant for physical cleanliness but for spiritual well-being as well. It signifies purity and fertility. Symbolically, it is viewed as the source of life itself, a symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story. Likewise, water can also represent death (such as dark murky waters). Water categorized into fresh water and bad/polluted water. Fresh water can represent good health, and bad water symbolizes bad health. The sound of running water can cause you to slow your breathing subconsciously, thereby lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, ie why we all love to have a running water feature at our home and working spaces. However in recent times, we also know that this very essential resource is facing considerable challenge in meeting the demands of flora and fauna. Day by Day our water is getting filthier with industrial waste, polluted with untreated sewage and garbage. Even in Municipal Supplied areas, quality of water been supplied is horrible. To make the matter worst whatever bare minimum quantity is supplied, even that is not guaranteed. In this scenario even going green is not a solution. By merely installing shower head with lesser flow rate, we are looking at short term solution.

The right approach in the current scenario can only be "Net Zero Water Building" which is a :

Self Sustainable Building

Green Building

An Energy Efficient Building

Yes we at Sanicon Energy Solution Construct "Zero Water Building" a building to save and use water wisely and efficiently that is self sustainable and not dependent on municipal water at all.

Green Zero Water Building

H2zerO is a step towards self sustainablity a complete energy efficient green building.It means a building which doesn't imports even a drop of water from outside, neither discharge a drop outside. For residential usage most of our water consumption goes for non potable application such as laundry, washing, mopping cleaning etc. So the idea is to recycle and treat the waste water from potable application such as bathing and use it in non potable application. By this method alone we would be in a position to reduce our fresh water consumption by almost 50 - 75%. 

Why do you need Zero Water Building?

Water is a renewable resource but it needs judicious management for a sustainable future. To solve the world water crisis, concepts like Zero Water Building have gained worldwide popularity as it not only promotes water recycling but also bring down the water bills for the building. The water gets treated and re-used every step of the way minimising water wastage while making efficient use of the water supply.

How Sanicon does it?

 A zero water building by Sanicon Sustainability Solutions is an innovative strategy that enhances your building to be fully sustainable for generating its potable and non potable water needs and treating all discharged greywater. From designing to innovative structure for water management, Sanicon energy solution has a long history of demonstrating its expertise. With addition of systems such as Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hydroponics and Rain Water Harvesting, the water is efficiently used and managed within the building whiler minimizing wastage and bringing down the costs at the same time. For more detail, please fill the above inquiry form.

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How affordable are zero water buildings?
Although zero water buildings are 5% to 10% costlier than traditionally built homes, but these costs prove to be less significant in the long run. A zero building proves to be money and energy saving in the long run while bringing down the water bills considerably.
Can you transform an existing building into a zero water building?
Yes, an existing building can very well be transformed into a zero water building or a near zero water building by making significant changes and adding concepts like, dual plumbing, waste water treatment, hydroponics and so on.
What are the benefits of a zero water building?
Zero water buildings are not only affordable in the long run but also environmentally responsible as they combat climate change, while you enjoy cleaner, fresher indoor air. Zero water buildings incorporate techniques such as waste-water treatment and dual plumbing that help in water recycling and efficient water management.
Why are zero water buildings important?
Zero water buildings are important as their building design and operations substantially reduce the costs and environmental impacts associated with buildings. With rising energy costs, and increasing climate-related impacts and natural disasters it is important that the constructions and their operations become environmentally responsible to preserve the resources for future generations to come.
What kind of special plumbing fixtures are added to a zero water building?
The zero water buildings ultra low water consumption appliances and fixtures. The shower heads and faucets selected use significantly reduced quantities of water. Also, rain water harvesting and water recycling ensure constant and ample water supply to the zero water building.

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Why Sanicon Sustainability Solution

Green buildings are considered as elites. Something not meant for the public at large. They are considered as expensive to design and maintain. Sanicon Sustainability Solutions was set up to offer budget friendly sustainable housing solutions. Our designs aim to find the balance between homebuilding and sustainable environment. With green buildings, give your home a revolutionary advantage. Optimize your space with Sanicon Sustainability Solutions’ pocket friendly options to economize and maximize the utility, durability, and comfort.