• Fight air pollution with indoor plants


      With winter comes the dense fog and choking smog that makes breathing difficult. As we all look for ways to fight this battle with air pollution, Initia offers a unique and natural alternative in the form of indoor water fountains and natural plants. These plants are known to reduce the air pollutants while increasing the quotient of oxygen in the air we breathe. Not only is it cheap but it also creates a positive aura in your living spaces. Here is a list of locally available plants for you to consider. Spider plant    Snake plant / Mother-in-law’s tongue  Bamboo palm   &n

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  • Breath of Fresh Air


        Living in metropolitan cities often entails getting constantly choked by fumes and toxic emissions. We can call it the norm in the sophisticated urbanized world or simply term it pollution at its worst. Continued exposure to such harsh living conditions leaves most everyone drained, and this is not just at the end of the day either. Many people complain of fatigue and stress all through the day, even beginning as early as a couple of hours after rising from bed.   The frequency of disorders like anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, stress and migraine is rising at an alarming rate. Research shows there is ev

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  • Initia vertical wall of green plants and water curtain


      Stress is the root cause of numerous health issues. Our brain perceives it as a threat. A city life is breeding ground for negative traits viz. anxiety, annoyance, loneliness, insecurity and stress. Researchers have evidence that exposure to nature, however brief, can help to immunize our brains against the effects of urban stress and can also improve cognitive function. A city should have at least 15% forest cover in order to provide a healthy and sustainable life to its residents. In India, land is a scarce and expensive, making it difficult to achieve in the near future. As a result, the rising levels of p

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Why Sanicon Sustainability Solution

Green buildings are considered as elites. Something not meant for the public at large. They are considered as expensive to design and maintain. Sanicon Sustainability Solutions was set up to offer budget friendly sustainable housing solutions. Our designs aim to find the balance between homebuilding and sustainable environment. With green buildings, give your home a revolutionary advantage. Optimize your space with Sanicon Sustainability Solutions’ pocket friendly options to economize and maximize the utility, durability, and comfort.