• Rainwater Harvesting Solutions for Institutes in Delhi


    In the past few months, many buildings like schools, shopping malls and commercial properties in Delhi / NCR have been recipients of notices from Delhi Jal Board (DJB). These building owners have been called out to install an effective rain water harvesting systems on their properties well ahead on time for the monsoon, with further instruction to ensure the competence of the technical structural engineers employed for the installation work. Failure to comply would lead to a fine of upto Rs. 5 lakhs. While this move comes in the wake of an order from the Supreme Court itself, the notices bring to light a consistent conce

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  • Benefits of Water Recycling for Business Owners


    Despite availability of water, an increasing number of legal notices and warnings have been recently issued to building owners. Amid this outcry for water preservation, we overlook the huge amounts of water wasted simply because it is regarded as grey water from domestic and industrial processes. However, recycling water has huge long term benefits for business owners. Some of these are discussed below; 1. Compliance with laws – Recent amendments and notifications by National Green Tribunal (NGT) has restricted discharge of untreated waste water into our water bodies. Failure to comply these laws may be detr

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  • Harvest Rainwater Today to Seed a Better Future Tomorrow


      Rainwater harvesting is a fast growing trend and more importantly need of the hour. More and more people look to incorporate rainwater harvesting techniques in their homes and office buildings at the construction phase itself. Here are 3 reasons why you too should integrate an efficient rainwater harvesting system when constructing the buildings. 1. Save water bills by reducing your reliance on an external source for daily water consumption. Even though sometimes rare and unpredictable, rain is the cheapest and largest source of water in the world. 2. Save money on installation costs by puttin

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Why Sanicon Sustainability Solution

Green buildings are considered as elites. Something not meant for the public at large. They are considered as expensive to design and maintain. Sanicon Sustainability Solutions was set up to offer budget friendly sustainable housing solutions. Our designs aim to find the balance between homebuilding and sustainable environment. With green buildings, give your home a revolutionary advantage. Optimize your space with Sanicon Sustainability Solutions’ pocket friendly options to economize and maximize the utility, durability, and comfort.