What is Dual Plumbing?

Dual Plumbing is a system to separate the plumbing systems for potable water and treated or reclaimed water in a building. One system distributes the fresh water supply in the building for cooking, drinking, washing etc whereas the second system moves the reclaimed runoff water to other areas such as gardening or flushing. 


Why do you need Dual Plumbing?

Reclaimed water although treated, still contains contaminants and is toxic. This water should never come in contact with fresh potable water. Hence, a system of separate plumbing is crucial, which is also known as Dual Plumbing.

How Sanicon does it?

While installation we at Sanicon, either colour code the Dual Plumbing system or fit it according to the direction, such as both systems running through different walls. This helps not only to keep both supplies of water separate, it even makes it easier to manage and repair any system in time of need without disturbing the other. For more detail, please fill the above inquiry form.

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How is dual plumbing important for water recycling?
Dual plumbing is essential to keep the freshwater supply and untreated water supply separate. This is important as it acts as a safeguard that prevents the fresh and clean water from coming in contact in case of any leakages. It is also helps identify the correct plumbing system at the time of repairs.
What is grey water?
The water once used in bathroom sinks, laundry or shower heads is considered as grey water and it contains organic materials. This run off water or grey water can be used for non potable purposes such as flushing, gardening etc once it is treated.
Why is colour coding essential for dual plumbing systems?
Colour coding is one of the essential principles of a dual plumbing system as it helps distinguish the plumbing carrying run-off water and clean water just by the sight of the plumbing pipes.
What Is Purple Pipe?
For water recycling systems, dual plumbing system is installed to keep the fresh water and untreated water separate. Recycled water is delivered through a distribution system that is completely separate from the drinking water infrastructure. This separate system is used to keep these valuable sources of water separate and make the recycled water system easily identifiable. Most of the times the pipes carrying the recycled water are coloured purple and are called purple pipes. The use of purple pipe infrastructure helps to minimize cross-connections between the two systems.

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