What is Sustainable Consultancy?

Sustainable Green Building is a concept that has gained popularity at a global level in the past few years. This is due to the fact that for a green building, starting from its construction it is ensured that waste is minimized at every level. The materials used are not only of superior quality but also eco-friendly. According to the experts, this not only minimized our carbon footprint but also results in lower costs in the long run. Hence, we can say that a green building is constructed in such a way that they reduce their overall impact on natural environment and as a result on the human health by:

1. Using the energy, water and other resources judiciously and efficiently.

2. Protecting the environment and improving human health conditions.

3. Effectively minimizing the waste production, pollution and environment deterioration. 

4. Using natural resources like natural light wherever possible to effectively manage the use of energy.

In order to achieve the minimum energy consumption level, following features are incorporated in a green building which makes them earth friendly:

1) The walls are designed to keep out the moisture and humidity in the outside air which makes the building naturally cooler. This reduces the use of air 


2) Low Solar Gain. Solar gain is the increase in temperature resulted from the solar radiation. With low solar gains, the building remains much cooler which again reduces the need for air-conditioners. 

3) Using water efficient faucets ensures that less amount of water is utilized to perform the same function as compared to their traditional counterparts. 

4) Rainwater Harvesting systems are installed to catch the natural rain water to cater to the building’s water needs.

5) Wastewater treatment plants for minimizing the waste water expulsion from the building and effective water management with water recycling.

6) Installing hydroponics system to increase the green belt while reusing the water through utilizing treated greywater.

7) Creating waste management plants on the site such as compost pits to utilize the building’s biodegradable waste for fertilizers. 

8) Installing clean energy sources such as solar panels, solar water heaters etc for electrification. 

The green building concept has a vast benefit cover can be effectively employed for various sites, some of which are: 

1. Residential buildings

2. Office Complexes 

3. Institutional buildings such as schools, colleges etc 

4. Retail buildings 

5. Hotels 

6. Hospitals 

7. Government Buildings 

The concept of green building, however new, aims at using natural building materials during not only construction, but also adopts other methods, such as rainwater harvesting for its water needs, solar energy for the electrification, waste management, etc. Hence making the making green building self sufficient when it comes to the energy requirement. The efficient usage of natural resources and their further recycling ensures sustainability in the long run. 

Why do you need Sustainable Consultancy?

Building owners who wish to make their building green, need professionals who are able to create designs for it. This is essential as it is critical and complex to convert an existing building into a green building, but with help of the right set of professionals this can be simplified.

How Sanicon does it?

We at Sanicon specialize in Sustainable Consultancy as we believe in sustainable solutions all the way. We provide consultancy to create passive designs which include three disciplines, indoor air quality, waste water recycling & landscaping. For more detail, please fill the above inquiry form.

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What benefits would i get while going for sustainable building?
A sustainable building has got many advantages. Short , medium & long term: Short term In order to encourage them, both state and central governments have come out with incentive in terms of increased FAR (Floor Area Ratio) allowed for the building owners. For eg if a building of institutional nature is allowed a FAR of 175%, the same building going for 3 star rating under GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) certification would be able to have FAR of 190% in the state of Haryana. Connected electrical load requirement would get reduced due to less energy consumption of building, so does the electrical charges. Medium Term A sustainable building would be able to recover whatever investment it made on its incorporation within 3-5 years of time. The health of its occupant is going to increase tremendously. Due to healthy environment the retention of tenants or employees is going to be much more easier. They would be giving preference to the buildings which are beneficial to their productivity. Long term This building would become sustainable in nature. It would not be dependent on external resources such as water to run it.
Why do I need a sustainable consultant?
I order to avail the benefits of a sustainable / green building the entire services and architecture of the building has to be designed in such a way so that there are more of passive and energy / resource frugal designs in nature are incorporated in it. Also the documentation is going to be required for submittal to competent authorities for its certification. In order to do above mentioned tasks you need to have specialist doing this role, that is why you need a sustainability consultant for it.
How does in influences my budget for the building?
There is no thumb rule to it. A building can truly be made sustainable even while saving the cost which otherwise would have been required for a non sustainable one. Sometimes designs of the building comes our it such a way so that you need to have high efficiency equipments to take care if it which might increase are not sufficient
I have an existing building. Is it possible to incorporate sustainability in it?
It is possible for existing building as well. However accessibility for the same needs to be conducted which might take couple of days to do.
Is there a difference between materials used in construction of normal building and sustainable one?
Selection of the material for construction makes a significant impact on its deliverables. For eg if there is glass window coming on the south west side of the building then it has to be double glass unit / insulated glass / glass with low heat transmission values. If there are brick walls, then aerated blocks are the preferred one to reduce the ingress.

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