Natural Water Curtain For Outdoor Spaces
initia, a natural water fountain from sanicon sustainability solution gives you peaceful ambience that relieves you of stress, reduce indoor pollution and the best part is that it thrives on domestic wastewater while generating treated water for recycling as a by product.


Natural Water Curtain For Outdoor Spaces

The sound of flowing water helps you to achieve a greater spiritual and mental wellbeing. It helps in mitigating anxiety and stress relief. It also helps enhance the focus, meditative practises, noise reduction and inducing better sleep.

Calm Clear You

Initia, your companion for calm and clear you


Sound of flowing water fountain.

The sound of flowing water fountain is a natural, convenient and elegant resource for mental wellbeing. This natural water fountain for outdoor spaces is well suited for corporates, industries, residences, hospitals, hotels who need natural water curtain design.

Benefits of initia at a


  • The best part is that it can run on water discharged by shower, washing machine, dishwasher etc.
  • The by-product generated is treated waste water.
  • Treated waste water could be utilized for drip irrigation, or other non potable application.
  • Since as the treated waste water is nutrient rich it will promote the plants growth as well.


How Sanicon Does it?

Because one size does not fit for all. So in order to evolve a robust design, we need to be clear about the solution that needs to be offered. So we ask the right questions in order to understand the actual requirement.


Apart from having a well established concept on paper, one must also make sure that the idea programmed delivers consistently , is practical , sustainable and enduring even after a long period of usage.


There are dreams, and then there is the real world. Our Execution just fills that gap by delivering what is promised. Neither we oversell neither we undersell ourselves. We just deliver what we have promised, that’s it.

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