What are the best ideas for the Maharashtra rainwater blockage issue?

real issue is surplus rainwater

The Very First Issue: It’s a problem of surplus rainwater management.

Let’s identify and start calling this by this terminology itself. By calling it as

  • Blockage
  • Flooding
  • Stagnant

we are just trying to demonize a blessed resource due to which life happened only on this planet. We have spent billions and would be spending trillion in finding water on Mars, but not feeling privileged that we already have it amongst us.

Second : What do we do to ensure year round supply of rice at our home, stock it at our own home where we need it.

The same thing needs to be done with rainwater. Stock it at the place where it rains, and not try to spend huge money in building the bigger drains when it may not be usable for more than 80% of the time of year.

Third: Identify the application of the rainwater beforehand. If the area is blessed with surplus rainwater, ensure that we have households and industries which need water established there itself.

Where the rainwater is lesser, established industries which don’t need water. It doesn’t make sense to have a paper manufacturing plant in Rajasthan.

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