Processed Water Management
Sustainability for both energy and water
Sustainable Processed Water Management

We are one of India’s most integrated sustainable passive processed water management organizations engaged in innovation and development of water management systems.

Electroplating Plants: With Savings up to 60% of not only water, but skilled manpower to operate the electroplating plants for finishing the products while enhancing its quality at the same time. This also means that your investment for Water Treatment Plant (WTP/RO) and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) also goes down, as do Operations and Maintenance Cost in terms of energy and skilled manpower requirements. 

Healthcare / Surgical Equipment’s Manufacturing:    

Surgical / Healthcare equipment manufacturing not only requires pristine water, but also at the controlled temperature and pressure. Not only do we offer precision control for both temperature and pressure but also heat recovery so that your energy consumption is reduced while manufacturing your world class equipment. 

Ceramic Manufacturing Plants

Water is the most essential of the ingredients while processing any ceramic. Unfortunately the entire water is lost while processing the finished products. We offer effective water recovery modules so that you have to extract lesser water, thus not exploiting the ground water excessively, but at the same time the plant is operated from the waste heat itself thus being sustainable for both energy and water. 

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